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Today, Manitoba’s three cornerstone hospital foundations announced the 2024 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery. This year, buyers will have a chance to win millions in prizes while helping hundreds of thousands of Manitobans, including children, who depend on St. Boniface Hospital, Health Sciences Centre (HSC), and HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital to be there in times of greatest need. 

Funds raised from this year’s Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery will be directed toward improving patient care, funding research, and purchasing specialized equipment and technology. This directly benefits all the patients who visit our hospitals annually—and all the doctors, nurses, staff, and allied health care professionals who work so hard for our province and all Manitobans.

We’re teaming up for a healthier Manitoba. And every ticket purchase changes lives.

Stefano Grand President & CEO of Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, Karen Fowler President & CEO of St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, Jonathon Lyon President & CEO of HSC Foundation

“The Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery is a shining example of the impact Manitobans have when we come together in support of a common cause,” said Jonathon Lyon, HSC Foundation President and CEO. “Your contributions play a key role in advancing medical innovation, improving patient outcomes, and saving lives. Thank you for your continued commitment to our shared vision of compassionate patient care for all."

“Amazing things happen when Manitobans work together,” said Karen Fowler, President & CEO of St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. “Every single Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery ticket purchased has a life-changing impact on health care in our province. Thank you for offering hope for a healthier future by fueling research discoveries and creating conditions for compassion to thrive.”

“Your support of the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery is helping give better futures for kids who rely on Manitoba’s only Children’s Hospital, and will transform child health care and research for families in your community,” says Stefano Grande, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. “Your ticket purchase today is changing their future – and maybe yours too!”

This is your chance to give back… and win your dream life!

This year’s lottery has over 2,100 prizes to be won, including six incredible Grand Prize packages to choose from, huge bonus draws for early buyers, and extra games that give you a chance to win even more.

Which dream will you choose? From sprawling bungalows to soaring two-storeys and even two homes in one prize, this year’s $1.5 million home packages have something for everyone. One winner will choose from six Grand Prize options – Dream Home packages in Oak Bluff, Winnipeg, and West St. Paul. Or choose the best of both worlds with your very own B.C. waterfront home on the tranquil shores of Westrich Bay in West Kelowna AND a two-bedroom Winnipeg condo. 

Or choose $1.25 million tax-free cash and make all your dreams come true.

Order early and win more. Beat the Spring Bonus deadline (midnight, Thursday, May 9, 2024) to win a prize draw, worth over $51,000. When you get your tickets early, you’ll get in on every single draw, including the Summer Bonus (worth $75,000) and the Early Bird, with 26 draws and over $255,000 in prizes. 

Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery tickets cost one for $100, two for $175, four for $300 and eight for $500.

There’s also extra cash to win with our 50/50 PLUS and Extra Cash PLUS. The 50/50 PLUS maximum jackpot is $3 million – and the winner takes half. The Extra Cash PLUS game offers even more chances to win, with 120 winners and $148,000 in prizes. Tickets for each game start at just two for $20.  

Together, St. Boniface Hospital, HSC, and HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital serve nearly one million patients annually and help deliver close to 11,000 babies each year. From labour and delivery to palliative care, we are here for you, for life.

Order your tickets online and see all this year’s prizes at trihospitaldream.com.

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